Miles Of Mayhem Drag n Drive is a five day competition where street legal drag race cars run 1/8 mile time trials every day at four different tracks, while driving on public roads between each track unassisted by support vehicles, traveling over 1700km. This is the ultimate test of street/strip cars and drivers. Trophies and cash prizes in multiple classes for vehicles with various levels of modifications. The car with the lowest average elapsed time over the week of racing is named Miles Of Mayhem's fastest street car in Canada. 


In every class the finishing positions are determined by adding up the ET slips from each day of racing then dividing them by the number of days of competition to get an average elapsed time.

In the event of a tie of average ET, the tiebreaker will be average MPH with the higher MPH getting the higher racking position.

7.5 second class and Bracket class reaction time is recorded and add to your total package. (read class rules) E.T + R.T – dail-in or 7.5=xxxx


Racers must possess a government issued, current, valid driver's license. All drivers must sign a liability waiver and photo release during registration.

If the driver is not the car owner, the driver must have all required documents (as stated below) must state in waiver that they have the car owner's permission to be in possession of and to race the vehicle.

Racers must be at least 16 years of age to race . If racer is under the age of 18, they must have the custodial parent or legal guardian in attendance with them during onsite tech and registration, as well as for the duration of Miles Of Mayhem. Both custodial parent and child will be required to appear in person during tech and registration in order to sign the release and waiver onsite.

 Any racer intending to run elapsed times and speeds that require NHRA or IHRA license, per the guidelines in NHRA or IHRA rule book, must be qualified and must obtained the required license by the sanctioning body prior to undergo Miles Of Mayhem drag n drive.

Miles of Mayhem allows multiple drivers for the same car provided that all drivers meet all the requirements. Extra drivers require the purchase of an extra driver's wristband. Details available on registration day.

Cars with multiple drivers are not eligible for more then one finishing position.  

Racers must show a clear picture of their car at the milestone check point for that days route when turning in their time slips, in order to get the map route to the next track.

Racers must follow the entire route. If a racer deviates from the route (for parts, hotel, etc) then they must re-enter the route where they deviated from. "Short cuts" are not permitted. Without milestone pictures, you will not receive a map for the day route.

All competitors MUST follow the rules of the road. Any driving laws broken can lead to disqualification and possible ban from future events.



Any participant found under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is subjected to immediate disqualification and removal from the event and the potential for being banned from future events.

Unsportsmanlike conduct or actions deemed  by the  race director  or the other event officials to be unsafe may result in disqualification or removal from the event and potential for being banned from future events.


This event is open to four wheel vehicles of any year, make and model. Motorcycles are not allowed.

All vehicles must meet NHRA safety rules for E.T and mph they are capable of and drivers must have NHRA or IHRA license required if needed. Time slips running faster or quicker then the car and drives tech will not be accepted and could cause disqualification at the race directors discretion.

All entries must have current insurance and registration paperwork that matches the vin and license plate. No dealer, farm or manufacture license plate allowed. Must show in-order to pass tech. No rental cars allowed.

All vehicle in competition must have functional headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, horn and review mirrors. (light bars and such are not head lights must resemble oem

All vehicles must run purpose-built race tire while on all tracks, including slicks, DOT approved slicks (Hoosier Quick time DOT, Mickey Thompson ET street R), or drag radial (Mickey Thompson ET street S/S or Pro, Hoosier DOT drag radial, BFG drag radial, Nitto NT05R,). Limited type of unaggressive race/street tires may be aloud to race, directors/racetracks discretion. What you use on the road is up to your discretion. (we are going to be more strict on this rule for 2024)

In the registration package you will be provided with event sponsor decals that must be on your car to pass tech.

If you are running a diesel (limited to 15 diesel entries) you must have an engine diaper.



Miles of Mayhem will have a limited number of registration available (180 entries) which is a first come first served basis.

There are absolutely NO refunds for Miles of Mayhem, however if you are unable to make the Miles of Mayhem event, you can transfer your spot to another racer for at cost value. Yourself and the buyer MUST contact us to let us know of the transfer. If the spot is sold for more than the ticket value, the seller will be banned from Miles of Mayhem indefinitely.  


Competitors are required to sign in and get tech inspection July 22 2024 at SIR opening at 8am. At this time the track will be open for test and tune. 

Reminder registration is not transferable or refundable, so you can not take another persons entry and use it for yourself.

During registration AND tech, proof of insurance and registration must be shown for the car that will be racing. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Each racer must declare the names of passengers in the vehicle and they must sign a waiver .

Each vehicle may only race in one class. You must state which class you want to compete in during pre-registration. You can change your class on day one if you feel it is a better fit for your vehicle.

Sign in day will include tech inspection for NHRA rules and safety and for Miles of Mayhem vehicle/class rules.

Tech will be done at every track for insurance reasons.

Competitors are very much encouraged to be signed in and teched before Monday July 22rd being that racing should be started by 9am to get this long journey started.


Sunday: July 21st- Test n Tune at 12 pm
Drivers meeting will be at 11:30

There will be a mandatory drivers/passenger meeting held before racing begins July 22tnd at 9:30 am. Miles of Mayhem competition will start right after the drivers meeting.

The track will have a secure space where trucks and trailers may be left behind during the days of competition. Be ready to go after the drivers meeting being that you will be disqualified if seen at your truck and trailer any time after the start of Miles of Mayhem.

Access to the truck and trailer area will be closed at the end of the drivers meeting until after the closing of the competition, apart from the racers who have forfeited the competition. Which they will have to call the supplied number before arrival to the compound to pick up their rigs. Must show photo I.D and have car number in order to release tow rig out of compound.




Competitors will have to pass tech each day of competition before they start racing.

Other then day one, racing hours will be on the daily route map once time slips are turned in. Adjustments might be made due to unforeseen circumstances.

Competitors will be able to make as many passes as possible each day until announced staging lanes are closed. (times will be on daily routes unless announcement made from race director otherwise) 

ADDED RULE (February 24th 2022) -Any additional time over 1 second on your reaction time will be added to your overall E.T time.

Racing line up will be on a first come first serve basis. To insure everyone can geta time slip:

  • staging lane one will be first pass which will be priority no matter what time of
  • Staging lane two will be second pass which is second priorit y.
  • Lanes 3 and 4 will be the competitors trying to get the number they want to achieve, but will be last to run if vehicles are in the first two lanes.

In case of time or weather delays, the number of passes for each competitor may be limited at the discretion of race director.

Each competitor must complete each track day within the times specified in order to remain in competition. To complete a track day, the competitor must stage vehicle under its own power and take a green light. Entries that take a green light but unable to complete a full 1/8th mile pass will be give a 10 second E.T for that day.

If a competitor misses a track day and is out of the running, he or she may be able to make exhibition runs if time allows and complete the drive.

Miles of Mayhem is running a 0.500 tree.

It is the competitors responsibility to turn in there time slip to specified Miles of Mayhem staff. Once slips are handed in, no other time slip will be honored that day. The E.T and MPH on the slip can not be quicker or faster then the vehicle is teched for.

If a competitor needs to drop out of the competition at the drag strip, he or she is requested to notify the staff that is collecting time slips.

Route maps and schedule will be provided once competitor has handed in their time slips. There will be a cut off to hand in timeslips at each track. The time slips you hand in are the time slips we use. {no changing out time slips after)


The on-road drive is part of Miles of Mayhem competition. Following the specified route is mandatory. Traffic, construction, potholes, gravel, weather, winding roads should all be expected.

In the event of a rain out, competitors are still required to drive the entire route, must stop at check points and be at drag strip in specified hours to remain in competition and receive information about the schedule and driving directions to the next track.

Each day has at least one mandatory checkpoint. Each competitor is required to carry a digital camera (phones are good too) that must be used to photograph their car at each check point. Each competitor will have to show their picture to the Miles of Mayhem staff when turning in their daily time slip to verify that they have followed the route in order to receive the next days map and schedule.

Host hotels will be posted on a later date. Competitors are not required to stay at these hotels and may stop anywhere they wish along the way as long as the entire route is followed.


Vehicles in competition may not be led or followed at any distance by a support vehicle of any kind . A support vehicle is one used to supply, or with the intent of supplying any rescue efforts or to carry anything for a competitor including luggage, tools, fuel, repair parts or spares, helpers or crew. Support vehicles towing just-in-case trailers are not allowed.

Racers may not be followed by motorhomes for over night accommodations.

All vehicles must be driven under their own power during the entire Miles of Mayhem competition and may not be towed, trailered, pushed, or hauled at anytime. The exception of an emergency in which a vehicle needs to removed from the roadway or a dangerous situation, in which case assistance maybe used to move the car a short distance to a safe area. (next highway exit or road side turn off)

A Miles of Mayhem phone number will be supplied to participants. If an entrant wishes to forfeit the competition by loading the vehicle on a trailer or otherwise enlisting an illegal support vehicle, the number must be called to notify staff of forfeit.

Violation of the support vehicle and crew rules is cause for immediate disqualification at the race directors discretion.


Protesting another racer requires detailing the rule infraction in writing, summitting a $200 fee, and supplying any evidence, including photo or video. If the protest is upheld or negated by forfeiture, the $200 is returned. If it is not upheld, the $200 goes to the racer being protested.


No holiday trailers.

No enclosed trailers bigger then 14 feet Open deck trailers with no size requirements

Trailers can not contain components that contribute to cooling, charging, oiling, or fueling the competition vehicle while being towed.




All classes must follow NHRA rules for speeds and E.T your vehicle can run and must follow Miles of Mayhem vehicle listed rules.


Outlaw is the fastest of fast, the most radical vehicles of Miles of Mayhem. Which can be named the fastest streetcar in Canada.

Unlimited modifications, no limitations, if you want to drive your pro mod please do.

Must turn in one time slip each day.

Must follow vehicle rules listed to pass tech.


Small tire is more for the 275x/10.5 inch tire cars. Knowing how fast and reliable these cars are, you also have a chance at being named the fasted street car in Canada

Must turn in one time slip each day.

Unlimited modifications.

Limited to 28.5x10.5 non W max tire size, Any type or brand of race tire can be used in competition. 

Must follow competition vehicle rules listed to pass tech.



Pro street, 5.80 et cap

Pro street is for the 8.50 cert vehicles. Any size rim and tire. With a capped E.T of 5.80 (must be certified to speeds and time vehicle is running)

Must turn in 1 time slips each day.

Must use an all-steel, oem body. (corvette/factory fiberglass, oem plastics allowed)

Hood, bumpers, hood scoop, wings only exception to not oem panels.

Must have factory glass (except trucks can have Plexiglas rear windows for roles bars to go through)

Must have oem style grill, no fully closed/blocked fronts.

Body must resemble the way the car came from factory. No stretching wheel bases, not slopped front ends, no relocating front wheel wells. Stretching rear wheel wells is allowed.

Must use stock appearing dash structure, must have driver and passenger seats.

Must follow listed vehicle rules to pass tech.




Modern muscles is not just for the new hell cats, mustangs and Camaros, it is open to any year make and models with an E.T cap of 6.39 or 135 mph

Vehicles 2006 and new with all oem safety equipment do not require a roll bar. Any vehicle 2005 and older NHRA roll bar required if E.T faster then 7.35

Must turn in 1 time slips each day.

Must run a 17-inch rim or bigger while racing.

Unlimited modification allowed.

Must follow listed vehicle rules to pass tech.



For all you three pedal competitors.

Must turn in 1 time slips each day.

H pattern, vertagate and multiple shifters are allowed.

Unlimited modifications

Must follow listed vehicle rules to pass tech.




For all you bracket racers out there this class is not your typical weekend bracket race. Being the dial-in you have on your first time slip turned in, is the number you have to try and run all week and if that’s not enough challenge for you, reaction time is also recorded. (E.T + R.T – dial-in = xxxx) The most consistent package through out the week is determined the winner. No time slips with a Red light will be accepted. Open to any speed and e.t

Must turn in 1 time slip each day  

No ladder will be posted until after day 3 of competition and not again till after day 5 of competition.

No delay boxes, throttle stop, or any kind of speed control allowed.

Must follow vehicle rules



The 7.5 second class is a laid-back class limited rules when it comes the vehicle (no roll bar needed)

This class is who can run the most consistent time laps (like bracket racing)

7.5 seconds is your dial in, but also your reaction time will be added into the equation. The car with the most consistent package through out the 5 days of competition.

No time slip faster then 7.5 will be accepted and a red light is a red light, time slip with a red light will also not be accepted.

Must turn in 1 time slip each day.

Must follow listed vehicle rules.


For all you truck and suv racers this is the class for you!

All vehicles must have factory oem body panels

Fiberglass/Carbon fiber hoods, and Plexiglas back window are excepted

Open to 2WD, 4x4 and AWD

Read the tire rules.

Minimum weight of 3800 pounds

Modifications unlimited

Turn in 1 time slip per day

Must follow vehicle rules




No power adders 
Turn in 1 time slip per day